Here you will find all the useful information to better organize your stay at L’Autre Maison. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

On the menu of your “Guidebook”

Use of premises – Car park – Household waste – Fireplace – Barbecue – Power and Water – Wi-Fi access – Flowers and Plantations – Smoking – Pets – Use of the Elevator – Noise Disturbance – Laundry

All the instructions to arrive home safely.

List of technical equipment in the house and how to use it.

Where to do your shopping: Local Markets, Producers, Supermarket, Organic Shop, Bulk… But also Taxi, Pharmacy, Doctor, Emergencies…

Some tourist information, restaurant recommendations, idea of ​​activities, to organize your outings in our beautiful region : Le Gard.

The departure instructions to finish your stay perfectly.


We believe it is enough to rely on common sense so that things are going well. Rules are never fun, but it always helps to maintain the functioning of a property – so that you have an enjoyable stay without surprises.

Use of premises

The primary purpose of the holiday home rental “L’Autre Maison” is for accommodation, with services associated: kitchen, dining room, lounge, swimming pool …
As a tenant you agree to use the rented premises as a “good father” and the equipment as intended in the contract. You remain solely responsible for your family and your guests in this place. If the number of guests mentioned in the contract is exceeded and without our agreement, we reserve the right to refuse the additional guests or to perceive an increase. You agree to leave the place in the same state as you found it upon your arrival.
You must ensure to keep the peaceful character of the house and make use of it according to its purpose. You will have to ensure not to make noise after 10.00 pm.
You will have to respect the rules of the holiday home. Any breach of this clause would be likely to result in immediate termination of the contract, the full amount of the rent will not be refunded.

Car Park

Parking spaces are limited in the village, we strongly recommend that you use the garage where you can park up to 3 cars. For the other cars thank you for using the central parking of the village. The 2 parking spaces in front of the garage are reserved for the neighbours.

Household Waste

The garbage containers are located under the kitchen’s entrance stairs. Household waste will be collected on Monday and Thursday morning. Thank you for respecting the recycling: Empty plastic packaging, cardboard and metal go in the blue bin, which will be collected on Thursday morning, please do not use plastic bags for the recycling waste. The papers and glasses should be placed in the containers provided on the large car park at the entrance of the village.

For your information by clicking here you will find information relating to waste sorting.

Fireplace and Barbecue

During wintertime we only provide one basket of wood for the fireplace to make your first fire upon arrival. You can stock up at the groceries store in Saint Maurice de Cazevieille. We do not provide wood or charcoal for the barbecue. The ashes of the fireplace or barbecue must be disposed in the ash bucket located in the garage. To avoid risks of fire do not throw the ashes in any trash. When using the barbecue do not place the barbecue under any external vaults or too close to our lovely plantations as they will not appreciate the heat.

Water and Power

Water and energy are our future, let's not waste them!

With respect for the environment thank you for not wasting energy, here are some recommendations:
• If you heat or cool any room, please do not leave doors and windows open.
• If you leave the house, turn off or lower the heating and air conditioning.
• Do not let the heated towel rails in the bathrooms switched on continuously throughout the day.
• For cozy heating in winter use the fireplace.
• In winter, close the shutters at night for better insulation. The same in summer during day time when temperature is high, it helps to keep the freshness of the house.

We are equipped with solar panels to take advantage of greener and more economical energy. As a result, it is more appropriate to operate energy-intensive equipment during periods of strong sunlight.

We remind you that according to your contract the amount of electricity used during your stay is limited, any excess will be charged.

Water is a precious and a vital resource for our daily needs. We should not only pay attention to our water consumption during time of drought. A reasonable use of water can reduce the increasing demand which puts pressure on our resources.

Wi-Fi Access

You have 2 networks:

  • Wifi L’Autre Maison
  • Wifi La Vieille Ferme (extension)

The password is the same for all networks: L’autremaison1

Flowers and Plantations

Flowers are there to make the house more beautiful and your stay more pleasant. We appreciate if you could respect and maintain those. The herbs are to be consumed in moderation.


As any public space, it is unfortunately prohibited to smoke in the house. However you are free to smoke outside on the terraces and in the courtyard with the only condition that you do not to throw cigarette butts anywhere but in the ashtrays provided for this purpose.


Pets are welcome at L’Autre Maison, at no additional cost, on the sole condition of accepting our Pet welcome agreement.

In advance, thank you for ensuring that Saint Jean de Ceyrargues remains a clean village by ensuring that your animal does not deposit its droppings anywhere.

Use of the Elevator

The lift is exclusively reserved for people with reduced mobility. For safety reasons, children are not allowed to use and play with the elevator.

Noise Disturbance

As mentionné in your rental agreement, out of respect for the population of the village, you must ensure the peaceful character of the rental home is kept. Thank you for not making noise after 22.00. Note that the noise is widely intensified in the pool courtyard. On behalf of the neighbours thank you for your respect!


The washing machine and dryer are at your disposal for your own comfort. If you are using them, thank you for leaving them as clean as you found them, empty the water reservoir and clean the dust filter.

Join us


GPS is not always the best option…

Welcome to « L’Autre Maison », first we would like to inform you that the main entrance door of the house is located “rue du plan”.

When you arrive in St Jean de Ceyrargues park on the Place du Plan, access by rue du bassin, do not take the narrow streets of the village and avoid the church / town hall area.

If you use a GPS, be careful! Put as destination “Saint Jean de Ceyrargues” if you put the postal code with rue de la fontaine it is likely that the GPS will take you to another nearby village. You will find the exact location of “L’Autre Maison” on Tom-Tom GPS (depending on your update), on Google Maps and on the map of your iPhone. Please note that GPS tends to take you through the narrowest streets.

Detailed instructions as in the good old days

From Avignon

  • Exit Avignon by taking the road N100, you will be crossing the Rhône river.
  • Take direction Les Angles – Remoulins – Uzès – Alès
  • Straight ahead until you get to Remoulins
  • Once arrived in Remoulins follow direction to Uzès – Pont du Gard Rive Gauche
  • Arriving in Uzès avoid the city centre and continue direction Alès – Anduze
  • Take the road D981, go through Montaren, Foissac and Baron
  • Once you passed Baron on the next round about turn left direction Saint Jean de Ceyrargues.
  • After the village entrance sign of Saint Jean de Ceyrargues take the first right and drive up until you get to the car park. Congratulations you arrived.

From Nîmes

  • Exit Nîmes by taking the road N106 direction Alès.
  • Straight forward on the N106 and take the exit Moussac – Uzès – St Chaptes.
  • Drive straight forward direction Moussac – Brignon
  • Drive straight forward until you arrive to La Réglisserie and then turn right and continue on road D7 direction Brignon – Saint Maurice de Cazevieille. Drive straight forward until you get to St Jean de Ceyrargues
  • Once you are in St Jean de Ceyrargues drive straight forward, pass the school on your left and pass the 2 speed reducer and take the next left (there is a sign indicating « les Brusses »). Drive up until you get to the car park. Congratulations you arrived.

From Alès

  • Exit the town of Alès taking the road called “Rocade” (ring road) and then take road D981 direction Uzès, this road start from a roundabout with a small replica of the “Pont du Gard”.
  • Keep driving straight forward go through La Jasse de Bernard, you will be passing in front of the “parc des expositions d’Alès” at the roundabout keep driving straight direction Uzès.
  • Keep going straight on road D981 direction Uzès go through the village of Monteils.
  • After Monteils, at the first roundabout take direction Saint Jean de Ceyrargues on yourright and on the 2nd roundabout you will turn right leaving the road D981 for D7 keepfollowing the signs for Saint Jean de Ceyrargues.
  • After the village entrance sign of Saint Jean de Ceyrargues take the first right and drive up until you get to the car park. Congratulations you arrived.

From Bollene (A7 southbound)

  • From the highway A7 take exit 19 Bollene.
  • Take direction Pont Saint Esprit on road D994 et N86
  • Do not enter in Pont Saint Esprit city center but keep driving on road N86 direction Bagnols sur Cèze
  • When arrived in Bagnols sur Cèze keep driving on road D6 direction Alès.
  • Keep driving straight forward for about 30 km, after passing a small village on your right side called Seyne, be prepared to turn left on the next intersection direction Saint Just et Vaquieres and Nîmes on road D7.
  • Keep driving straight forward until the next 2 roundabout and follow direction to Saint Jean de Ceyrargues.
  • After the village entrance sign of Saint Jean de Ceyrargues take the first right and drive up until you get to the car park. Congratulations you arrived.

Home Equipment

a non-exhaustive list of the technical equipment of the house and their instructions for use

In the kitchen

HiFi/Vidéo equipment

Swimming Pool

Shopping and other practical information

To do your shopping

Convenience Store Coccimarket in St Maurice de Cazevieille (2km).
Open from Monday to Saturday from 8h30 to 12h00 and from 15h30 to 19h00, on Sunday from 8h30 to 12:00.
Carrefour Contact in Vézénobres (10km)
open from Monday to Saturday from 8h00 to 19h30 and Sunday from 8h30 à 12h30.
Intermarché in Montaren on the road to Uzès (16km).
Open Monday to Saturday from 8h30 to 20h00, on Sunday from 9h00 to 13:00.
E. Leclerc, ZAC Rieu in Alès (14km).
Open Monday to Saturday from 8h30 to 20h00, on Sunday de 8h30 to 12h30.
Cora, Quai du mas d’Hours in Alès (15km).
Open Monday to Saturday from 8h30 to 20h30 and Sunday from 8h30 to 12h15.
SoBio Organic and Bulk Shop , 117 avenue André Malraux Alès (close to E. Leclerc)
Open from Monday to Saturday from 7h00 to 19h30.


• E. Leclerc, drive , 76 Avenue Jean Philippe Rameau in Alès (16km)

Local markets and producers

Do not forget the local markets, where you will find our good local products.
St Maurice de Cazevieille : Tiny farmers’ market on Tuesday morning, on the village square, in front of the restaurant ‘Le Saint Maurice’
Uzès : Small farmers’ market on Wednesday morning and the large traditional market on Saturday morning.
St Quentin la Poterie : Small farmers’ market on Tuesday morning and the big market on Friday morning.
Anduze : Traditional market on Thursday morning.
Alès : Every morning, Monday to Saturday (working days) at the Halles de l’Abbaye, place de l’Abbaye, town centre.

In summer you will also find the night markets, see the program with the tourist offices.


Le Jardin du Laquet

In July and August find Damien local producers of Fruits and Vegetables, Cabin next to the cooperative cellar on the edge of the road to Uzès.

Open every day from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.


The nearest bakery is in St Maurice de Cazevieille: La Petite Maurice, open everyday except Monday from 6 :30 to 13 :00. To place an order you can reach Manu and his team at 04 34 13 00 36.
A bread deposit is also provided at the Coccimarket every Monday except on Bank Holiday.
Another excellent bakery / pastry shop is located at Jasse de Bernard, on the road to Alès: Bakery and pastry shop of la jasse: 400 Route d’Uzès Saint-Hilaire-de-Brethmas – 04 66 30 00 07

Wines and other local drinks

Do not hesitate to visit our local wine producers:

Take a tour at the cave d’Euzet (on the road to Uzès) to discover the wines of the area, other local produce are available on site.
You will surely appreciate a visit at Samuel Delafont, Artisan Négociant, in Vézénobres which offers very beautiful products.
To discover a local organic wine producer, make an appointment with Michael at Domaine des Luces in Saint Cézaire de Gauzignan : 06 11 39 44 84.
Also you have to taste the wines from la cave de St Maurice de Cazevieille, aperitifs and local fruit juice at La Cavette : 06 14 36 96 87

If you are more into beer, go to la brasserie artisanale Méduz located in Mejannes les Alès.

Tobacco store

There are no tobacco store nearby, the closest are in Vézénobres, Montaren, Uzès, La Jasse towards Alès.

Emergencies, Doctor and Pharmacy

• Emergencies – Clinique Bonnefon
45 Avenue Carnot, 30100 Alès – +33 826 20 73 30
• Emergencies – Centre Hospitalier Alès Cevennes
B.P. 20139 811, avenue Docteur Jean-Goubert, 30103 ALES Cedex – +33 (0)4 66 78 33 33
• Katia Brunel – General Practitioner
Av. Mistral, 30360 St Maurice de Cazevieille
+33 (0)4 66 83 27 57
• Nearby Pharmacies are located in Vézénobres, Brignon, Montaren and Alès.

Gas station

The closest petrol stations are:
• Vézénobres at Carrefour Contact
• Montaren at Intermarché
• Alès at E. Leclerc, Cora…

Our leisure recommendations

Tourist information

Who better to inform you about the activities, and the best things to do than the local tourist offices.

  • Cévennes Tourisme

    Land of refuge, exceptional landscapes, authentic... Discover the Cévennes!

  • Uzès - Pont du Gard

    An authentic destination, rich in a built heritage

  • Nîmes Tourisme

    All roads lead to Nîmes the French Rome

  • Tourisme Cèze Cévennes

    A territory with one thousand and one faces

  • La petite Camargue

    For a trip to the Camargues and the Gardoise Mediterranean coast

  • Gard Tourisme

    Discover the Gard, the South


Here are some restaurant recommendations close by (non exhaustive list) :

Activity ideas

Specially during the high season, we recommend that you book your activities in advance to avoid any disappointment.
The tourist offices organize nice guided tours, you can see directly on their own website. In addition you will find all the events: markets, night markets and other events that will take place during your stay.
– For canoeing , in normal times they accommodate you without reservation but it is better to anticipate in case… For the Gardon river, you have Kayak vert, for the Cèze river, you have Cèze canoë, and for the Ardèche river, we let you see we don’t have a preferred provider. Each river has a different interest and level.
– For tree climbing, our favorite goes to  Parfum d’aventure on the banks of the river, it often satisfies accompanying persons who do not wish to climb. You can also see the following parks: abracadabranche ou Aire de Nature
Other interesting activities : le vélorail des Cévennes, ride a special bicycle on the train tracks on the route of the Cévennes steam train, it all depends on how you wish to discover the beautiful Gardon valley.
Canyoning and other outdoors activities in the Cévennes, 2 possibilities : Sentiers Vagabonds or Bambou Canyon.
– Take a ride on an electric scooter around our beautiful landscape with Trott’in Gard. They organize a nice outing departing from the house, going through Vézénobres (medieval village 10 km from us) a nice local wine cellar and an olive oil mill.
– For cycling, if you wish to rent bikes independently, we recommend Sun e-bike in Uzès. They can deliver the bikes on site if you take a lot of bikes for a day or more and depending on their availability.
Aquatic attractionsLa Bouscarasse, or the base nautique des Camboux.

There is as well the cultural side, the events, the exceptional sites: Pont du Gard, Bambouseraie, the most beautiful villages of France, the caves… and many other things.
If you don’t want to be in the crowd, choose carefully your activities, the days and avoid the busy times.

Day trip ideas

Departure instructions

We hope that you had a pleasant stay in St Jean de Ceyrargues.

On the day of your departure the house must be vacated before 10.00 a.m. Do not forget to confirm your departure time with us so we are here to do the inventory with you.


Please respect the departure instructions below:

In the bedrooms :thank you for stripping the bed linen, fold the sheets, pillowcases, duvet and towels on each bed. The mattress and pillow protectors stay in place.

In the kitchen : Wash, dry and store the dishes in their correct place. The dishwasher must be empty and clean. The stove, oven, fridge (empty) and coffee machine should be cleaned.

Empty the trash cans in the bathrooms and the kitchen. Thank you for respecting selective sorting: Empty plastic, cardboard and metal packaging go in the blue bin. Papers and glasses must be deposited in the columns made available in the large car park at the entrance to the village.

• In the living spaces, please put books, DVDs and games back in its place.

• Please return the furniture as you found it upon arrival.

• For smokers, check that there are no cigarette butts in the planters and in the yard. And please empty your ashtrays.

• Dispose the ashes from the fireplace or the barbecue in the ash container located in the garage.

• For pet owners, you must ensure that your pet has not left dejections on the premises of the house.

Don’t forget to return the keys


Do not hesitate to tell us about your experience, we are listed on the following websites: Tripadvisor , airbnb, abritel, Homelidays, google and many others.
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Thank you for choosing to stay at “L’Autre Maison”. We wish you a good return and hope to welcome you again soon in Gîtes or Bed and Breakfast.